Director Harun Farocki Research Matthias Rajmann Collaboration Christian Brosche, Paul Felkner, Ingo Kratisch, Reiner Meyer, Niko Neu, Matthias Oborski, Jan Ralske, Andrew Stifter Production Harun Farocki Filmproduktion Format Video, col., sound, 16 min. (Loop), Germany 2012


The four-part cycle Parallel deals with the image genre of computer animation. Computer animations are currently becoming a general model, surpassing film. In films, there is the wind that blows and the wind that is produced by a wind machine. Computer images do not have two kinds of wind.
Parallel I opens up a history of styles in computer graphics. The first games of the 1980s consisted of only horizontal and vertical lines. This abstraction was seen as a failing, and today representations are oriented towards photo-realism.
(Harun Farocki)