Their Newspapers

Ihre Zeitungen is a political film rooted in the 1968 student campaign against the Springer press group, which controlled popular dailies such as the Berliner Zeitung and the Bild Zeitung. Claiming the latter were manipulating public opinion, the students laid siege to the publisher's offices. These events made a strong impression on the German collective conscience, and it's in this context that Farocki made this "agit-prop" film.

(Catalouge, Locarno Filmfestival, 1998)

Original title Ihre Zeitungen Director, Scriptwriter, Editor Harun Farocki Assistant director Helke Sander Cinematographer Skip Norman Sound Ulrich Knaudt Production DFFB, Berlin-West Format 16mm, b/w, 1:1,37 Length 17 min.