Untitled or: The Wandering Cinema for Engineering Students

The film Wanderkino für Ingenieurstudenten was part of the extra-parliamentary opposition's (APO) so-called 'technology campaign' aimed at politicizing the students at the technical universities and schools of engineering. […]

The film is now missing, but according to Farocki's description it began with an agitation scene in which an actor said, "I am a student at a school of engineering. My work is threefold. Firstly, I have to study. Secondly, I work in the student's council examining student organizations. Thirdly, I am working on the connection between student organization and worker's organization."

The following thirty minutes showed documentary scenes of four engineers talking about their work situation, each shown in one long track from long shot to a medium close-up. The film ended with another staged sequence. Three times the same actor appears before the camera in a washroom and reads three different texts, each time assuming a different role.

(Tilman Baumgärtel)

Original title Ohne Titel oder Wanderkino für Ingenieurstudenten Director Harun Farocki Scriptwriter Rote Zelle Technik der TU Berlin Production DFFB, Berlin-West  Format 1-inch Ampex, b/w, 1:1,37 Length 40 min.