Someday you will love me too. About the Meaning of Dimestore Novels

The feature Einmal wirst auch Du mich lieben tells two kinds of stories: events from the lives of people one could describe as readers of dime novels (a manual laborer, an art-metalworker and locksmith, a sales representative and their wives, two factory workers); and stories from a dime novel.

Farocki: "... in short, the texts express what their readers believe they don't experience in daily life: fame, money and a lot of leisure time. Work doesn't exist in these novels".

(Production note)

Original title Einmal wirst auch Du mich lieben. Über die Bedeutung von Heftromanen Director, scriptwriter Hartmut Bitomsky, Harun Farocki Assistant director Walter Adler Cinematographer Karl Heinz Blöhm Assistant cinematographer Dietmar Jütten Sound Peter Grätz Light design Hans Heinrichs Editor Ursula Hermann Assistant Editor Brigitte Schröder Costume designer Detlef Papendorf, Christel Röttgen Make up Christiane Becker, Günther Wöhn Props Walter Giese, Horst Koch Production manager Wolfgang Sperling Production WDR, Cologne Executive producer Kurt Zeimert TV-producer Christhart Burgmann, Leo Kreutzer Format 16mm, col., 1:1,37 Length 44 min. First broadcast 30.08.1973, West 3