The Struggle with Images. A Critique of Television

What do the images in television information broadcasting, in feature programs and documentaries actually convey? Do they tell us anything important about their subjects? Do they make anything more obvious? Are they at all relevant to the topic? Or do they merely serve as background for the text. What does the outside of things have to say about unseen connections?

Harun Farocki uses examples to demonstrate the lack of curiosity television often exhibits when using sounds and images, how little the viewer's curiosity is awakened as a result, and the extent to which television usage of camera and sound recording distances it from the real world.

(Production Note)

Original title Die Arbeit mit den Bildern. Eine Telekritik von Harun Farocki Director, scriptwriter Harun Farocki Editor Marion Zausch Graphic artist Franziska Scherer Production manager Wolfgang Kreck Production WDR, Cologne Executive producer Kurt Zeimert TV-producer Angelika Wittllich Format 16mm, col., 1:1,37 Length 44 min., (25b/s) First broadcast 8.11.1974, West 3