• Image and Sales or: How to Depict a Shoe

      How do you sell a pair of shoes? How do you engage the consumer's imagination, so that he'll buy the product? Farocki immerses himself in an advertising agency, capturing the micro-events of a group of expert salesmen in action …


    • Cine City Paris

      Everything about this film is simple. It shows well-known and marginal facets of Paris as city of cinema and images – from the Cinémathèque Francaise to the erotic VDT work flourishing at the time …

    • Images of the World and the Inscription of War

      The vanishing point of "Images of the World and Inscription of War" is the conceptual image of the 'blind spot' of the evaluators of aerial footage of the IG Farben industrial plant taken by the Americans in 1944 …

    • Georg K. Glaser – Writer and Smith

      Georg K. Glaser is a worker and writer. Quite literally. He spends the morning at his desk, from midday on he can be found at his workshop in the Parisian quarter Marais. There he produces bowls, lamps, vases, jugs and other metal work …


    • Images-War

      There are more pictures today than the eye can cope with. Science has set about developing automatic image recognition devices and there have long existed machines capable of producing or simulating images by themselves …

    • Die Menschen stehen vorwärts in den Straßen

      A film based on the poem "Die Menschen stehen vorwärts in den Straßen" by Georg Heym (1911).

    • Filmtip: Death of Empedocles

      Farocki talks to Andreas Rauch, who plays Empedokles in the film by Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet.

    • Indoctrination

      This film is about a five-day seminar designed to teach executives how to 'sell themselves' better. This course, designed for managers, teaches the basic rules of dialectics and rhetoric and provides …


    • Filmbooks

      A review of film books old and new.

    • Filmtip: Kuhle Wampe

      Farocki introduces the Slatan Dudow / Brecht film "Kuhle Wampe".

    • Catch Phrases – Catch Images. A Conversation with Vilém Flusser

      Farocki questions philosopher Vilém Flusser about the way the front page of the daily tabloid Bild Zeitung is put together. This page is conceived as an entity in itself: on the one hand, it's impossible to reach the text without …

    • As You See

      My film "As You See" is an action-filled feature film. It reflects upon girls in porn magazines to whom names are ascribed and about the nameless dead in mass graves, upon machines that are so ugly …


    • Filmtip: Tea in the Harem

      Introduction and review of Mehdi Charef's "Le thé au harem d'Archi Ahmed" (Tea in the Harem).

    • Betrayed

      A "film-noir" on double identity and role reversal. A man is looking for a woman to love. He finds her in a seedy bar and persuades her to marry him. The day she decides to flee …


    • The Double Face of Peter Lorre

      Peter Lorre achieved international fame for his performance in the myth-making role in "M". This character has held a peculiar fascination for generations of cinéphiles. However, at the time, whilst such success meant …


    • 'L'Argent' by Bresson

      Some of Filmkritik's authors comment on Bressons "L'Argent". Script and commentary by Hartmut Bitomsky, Manfred Blank, Jürgen Ebert, Harun Farocki, Gaby Körner, Barbara Schlungbaum and Melanie Walz.

    • Interview: Heiner Müller

      A conversation between Harun Farocki and Heiner Müller about theaters and other things, filmed for a French channel in 1983 …

    • Marie Straub and Daniéle Huillet at Work on a film based on Franz Kaka's 'Amerika'

      This film is at once a self-portrait and an homage to Jean-Marie Straub, Farocki's role model and former teacher at the Film Academy. Farocki's admiration for Straub was so great that he said …

    • An Image

      Four days spent in a studio working on a centerfold photo for Playboy magazine provided the subject matter for my film. The magazine itself deals with culture, cars, a certain lifestyle. Maybe all those trappings are …


    • Short Films by Peter Weiss

      Farocki introduces the following films by Peter Weiss: "Studie II", Swe 1952 "Studie IV", Swe 1954, "Enligt lag" (In the name of the law), Swe 1957, "Ansikten i skugga" (Faces in the shadows), Swe 1956, "Vad ska vi göra nu da?", Swe 1958.

    • Before your Eyes Vietnam

      K.D.D.: Why make war films? As a character in "Between Two Wars" suggests: 'I tried to learn a lesson for the living from the lives of the dying.' In "Before your Eyes – Vietnam", a voice-over talks about war as basically an experiment …


    • View of the City

      In 1945 Germany's cities lay in ruins. The destruction was so great that the prewar years became a distant memory. Belief in a better future soon became easy and enjoyable, however …