Short Films by Peter Weiss

Farocki introduces the following films by Peter Weiss: Studie II, Swe 1952, Studie IV, Swe 1954, Enligt lag (In the name of the law), Swe 1957, Ansikten i skugga (Faces in the shadows), Swe 1956, Vad ska vi göra nu da? (What shall we do now?), Swe 1958

Original title Kurzfilme von Peter Weiss Director, scriptwriter, commentary Harun Farocki Cinematographer Rainer März Production Harun Farocki Filmproduction, Berlin-West, for WDR, Cologne  (First broadcast version); 80 min. (complete version) Format 16mm, b/w, 1:1, 37 Length 44 min. First broadcast 05.04.1982, West 3 (First broadcast version), 08.11.1996, 3sat (complete version) Note The film was intended to be shown in two parts, in 1982 only the first part was broadcasted