The Double Face of Peter Lorre

Peter Lorre achieved international fame for his performance in the myth-making role in M. This character has held a peculiar fascination for generations of cinéphiles. However, at the time, whilst such success meant recognition, it also weighed on the Hungarian actor as a constrictive burden.

Using photographs and film extracts, Das doppelte Gesicht reconstructs the ups and downs of Lorre's career, taking into consideration the economic imperatives and workings of the film industry at the time.

(Arnold Hohmann, 1984)

Original title Peter Lorre – Das Doppelte Gesicht Director, scriptwriter, commentary Harun Farocki, Felix Hofmann Cinematographer Wolf-Dieter Fallert, Ingo Kratisch Animation camera Ronny Tanner Sound Klaus Klingler, Gerhard Metz Production Harun Farocki Filmproduktion, Berlin-West, for WDR, Cologne, Transtel, Cologne Format 16mm, col., b/w , 1:1,37 Length 59 min. First broadcast 05.09.1995, WDR