A "film-noir" on double identity and role reversal. A man is looking for a woman to love. He finds her in a seedy bar and persuades her to marry him. The day she decides to flee... he kills her. To ward off suspicion, he moves in with the sister of the deceased. Nobody notices the substitution, that his wife is now another. How easy to go from one love to another... But a friend of the dead woman starts asking questions. For filmgoers captivated by images and mannerisms, Harun Farocki's unique approach to cinematic art deserves to be better known.

(Variety, 1985)

Original title Betrogen Director, scriptwriter Harun Farocki Assistant director Ronny Tanner Script Victoria Esch Cinematographer Axel Block Assistant cinematographer Michael Tötter, Christoph Oberdieck Light design, stage Holger Greiss, Joachim Scholz, Peter Arndt Editor Renate Merck Assistant editor Dagmar Haferi Sound Rolf Müller Sound assistant Ernst-Hermann Marell Mixing Richard Borowski Music Andreas Köbnerset Set designer Ursula Lefkes, Hermann Pitz, Raimund Kummer Props Michael Möldner, Inken Planthaber Costume designer, make up Peter Guttenberg, Jues Justin Location manager Sandra Wulff, Michael Danilow Cast Roland Schäfer, Katja, Rupé, Nina Hoger, Rolf Becker, Marquard Bohm, Gerd Volker Bussäus, Gerd David, Micheal Dick, Peter Franke, Dietmar Mues, Burkhard Röschmann, Michael Schönborn, Peter Stadlmayer, Angelika Thomas Production Common Film Filmproduktion GmbH, Berlin-West, with Cinegrafik Helmut Herbst, Hamburg, Winkelmanns Filmproduction, Dortmund, BR, Munich, with financial support from Hamburgische Filmförderung / Hamburger Filmbüro / Bundesministerium des Innern Producer Helmut Wietz Associate producer Helmut Herbst, Adolf Winkelmann Executive producer Raphael Bürger Format 35mm, Fujicolor, 1:1,66 Length 99 min. First screening 26.10.1985, Hof (Filmtage) First broadcast 09.06.1989, Bayern 3