Image and Sales or: How to Depict a Shoe

How do you sell a pair of shoes? How do you engage the consumer's imagination, so that he'll buy the product? Farocki immerses himself in an advertising agency, capturing the micro-events of a group of expert salesmen in action.

We see how they pepper their talk with English expressions, how they choose their models (stylised, but not excessively so), how they "create an impact", so vital to a new product launch. Something like a "work comedy".

(Production Note)

Original title Image und Umsatz oder: Wie kann man einen Schuh darstellen Director, scriptwriter Harun Farocki Cinematographer Ingo Kratisch Editor Egon Bunne, Rosa Mercedes Sound Klaus Klingler Location manager Michael Trabitzsch Production Harun Farocki Filmproduktion, Berlin-West for SWF, Baden-Baden Producer Harun Farocki TV-producer Ebbo Demant Format video-BetaSp, col. and b/w, 1:1,33 Length 52 min. First broadcast 29.08.1989, ARD