Original title Schnittstelle Director, scriptwriter, commentary Harun Farocki Cinematographer Ingo Kratisch Second cinematographer Leo Borchard Editor Max Reimann Sound Klaus Klingler Assistant Jan Ralske Cast / narrator Harun Farocki Production Musée Moderne d'art de Villeneuve d' Ascq, Harun Farocki Filmproduktion, Berlin Producer Harun Farocki Format video-BetaSp (double projection), col.,1:1,37, 23 min. (Loop), Germany 1995 German premiere 08. 11. 1995, Duisburg (Duisburger Filmwoche) First broadcast 25. 06. 1995, 3sat note Single-channel-version-available


Harun Farocki was commissioned by the Lille Museum of Modern Art to produce a video 'about his work'. His creation was an installation for two screens that was presented within the scope for the 1995 exhibition The World of Photography. The work Schnittstelle developed out of that installation. Reflecting on Farocki's own documentary work, it examines the question of what it means to work with existing images rather than producing one's own, new images. The title plays on the double meaning of 'Schnitt', referring both to Farocki's workplace, the editing table, as well as the 'human-machine interface', where a person operates a computer using a keyboard and a mouse.

(3sat, September 1995)