Director Harun Farocki research Matthias Rajmann Collaboration Christian Brosche, Paul Felkner, Ingo Kratisch, Reiner Meyer, Niko Neu, Matthias Oborski, Jan Ralske, Andrew Stifter Production Harun Farocki Filmproduktion Format Video, col., sound, 11 min. (Loop), Germany 2014

Parallel IV

Parallel IV explores the heroes of the games, the protagonists whom the respective players follow through 1940s L.A., a post-apocalyptic, a Western or other genre worlds. The heroes have no parents or teachers; they must find the rules to follow of their own accord. They hardly have more than one facial expression and only very few character traits which they express in a number of different if almost interchangeable short sentences. They are homunculi, anthropomorphous beings, created by humans. Whoever plays with them has a share in the creator's pride.

(Harun Farocki)