27.10. 2018 - 07.04. 2019
What ought To Be Done? Work & Life
National Museum of Modern Contemporary Art, Seoul | Korea
Curators: Antje Ehmann, Eunhee Kim
Retrospective & exhibition: Interface, Workers Leaving the Factory in Eleven Decades, Comparison via a Third, Labour in a Single Shot, Parallele I - IV

Labour in a Single Shot: More than 300 film authors in 15 workshops on 5 continents in 12 exhibitions and in 1 web catalouge


As Producer

2006 Am Rande der Städte, by Aysun Bademsoy (TV-Documentary)

2004 Die Hochzeitsfabrik, by Aysun Bademsoy (TV-Documentary)

2004 Gang Films, Vandalism, Stills, Paths, Music Videos, by Antje Ehmann
(6 Videoinstallations for 11 Monitors for the Exhibition "Shrinking Cities",
Kunst-Werke, Berlin, 4.09. – 7.12. 2004)

1999 Deutsche Polizisten, Aysun Bademsoy (TV-Documentary)

1997 Nach dem Spiel, by Aysun Bademsoy (TV-Documentary)

1996 Ein Mädchen im Ring, by Aysun Bademsoy (TV-Documentary)

1995 Out of the Present, by Andrei Ujica (Co-Producer; Feature Film)



As Dramaturgical Advicer | Script

2014 Hotel Lounge, by Isabelle Stever (Feature Film)

2012 Barbara, by Christian Petzold (Feature Film)

2011 Dreileben – Etwas Besseres als der Tod,
by Christian Petzold (Feature Film)

2008 Jericho, by Christian Petzold (Feature Film)

2007 Yella, by Christian Petzold (Feature Film)

2005 Gespenster, by Christian Petzold (Feature Film)

2003 Wolfsburg, by Christian Petzold (Feature Film)

2001 Toter Mann, by Christian Petzold (TV-Feature Film)

2000 Die innere Sicherheit, by Christian Petzold (Feature Film)

1996 Cuba Libre, by Christian Petzold (TV-Feature Film)

1995 Pilotinnen, by Christian Petzold (TV-Feature Film)

1985 Auf Biegen und Brechen, by Hartmut Bitomsky (Feature Film)



As Actor | Participant | Narrator

2004 X NaNa / Subroutine, by Constanze Ruhm (Short Film), Actor

2001 Starbucks – Holger Meins, by Gerd Conrad (TV-Documentary), Participant

1997 Arbeit mit Bildern, by Helga Dubngicsek (TV-Dokumentation), Participant

1983 Klassenverhältnisse / Rapports de classes, by Jean-Marie
Straub, Daniele Huillet (Feature Film), Actor

1981 Logik des Gefühls, by Ingo Kratisch (Feature Film), Actor

1980-1981 Zeit der langen Nächte, by Rainer
Gansera (TV-Feature Film), Actor

1980 Ich räume auf, by Georg Brintrup (TV-Feature Film), Actor

1979 Henry Angst, by Hartmut Bitomsky (TV-Feature Film), Narrator

1978 Nach Amerika, by Hanns Zischler (TV-Documentary), Participant

1979 Phantom, by Rene Perraudin, Uwe Schrader (Short Film), Actor

1975 Kampf um ein Kind, by Ingemo Engström (Feature Film), Actor

1970 Zum Begriff des ‚kritischen Kommunismus’ bei Antonio
Labriola (1843-1904)
, by Günter Peter Strascheck (Short Film), Actor

1968 To Grab the Ring, by Nikolai van der Heyde (Feature Film), Actor

1968 4. Experiment l 1 Knokke, by Claudia von Alemann,
Reinold E. Thiel (TV-Documentary), Participant

1967 3000 Häuser, by Hartmut Bitomsky (Short Film), Actor

1966 La voleuse / Schornstein Nr. 4, by Jean Chapot (Feature Film), Actor



As Artist

X-Apartments, a project conceived by Matthias Lilienthal
Contributions together with Antje Ehmann

2004 Berlin | Lichtenberg, (curated by Arved Schulze, Shermin Langhoff)

2005 Berlin | Schöneberg, (curated by Matthias Rick, Arved Schulze)

2010 Johannesburg | Soweto (curated by Christoph Gurk)